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My musical career kicked off when I was 16, when I began playing folk-style guitar and then took up the banjo. A group of friends and I then decided to create a bluegrass group called "BLACKJACK". I went on tour with them every summer from 1987 to 1991. I learned to play the mandolin in 1991, which coincided with the start of my professional career as a musician. I play in groups that perform a wide variety of styles: bluegrass, country (Les Westerners), cajun (Louisiana), Irish (I perform in a trio with J-P Marie on violin & A. De Rosa on percussion), New Orleans (good time jazz music), popular songs (mandolin with G. Quittot), Neapolitan music ( Aldo & Co ), jazz ( 3eme Hémisphère ), unclassifiable ("Fredaline" duo with A. Quéant on the accordion ), Latin American (Tequila trio). At the same time I have created a home studio with my friend J-G Kerbiguet and I am now concentrating on composing music. My first CD " 3eme hémisphère" was issued in 1994: this featured seven jazz-influenced instrumental compositions. My second recording " jeux de rôles " came out in 1996: it comprised two original compositions and five reinterpretations of standards. Recorded "like live" with a trio, the recording was distributed by NIGHT&DAY until 1998. My "Zenitude" CD was issued in 2004. This features four compositions: two instrumentals and two with singing. I have also been involved in the recording of a dozen or CDs self-produced by groups or musicians with whom I have performed.
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